Once a customer has accepted your quote, or when they make a booking using our real-time feature, they will transfer the designated deposit amount to SafariNow via EFT, bank transfer or credit card to confirm the booking. This money will be on-paid to you (less our referral fee and VAT) within 5 to 8 working days. The outstanding balance of the booking, if any, should be paid directly to you by the guest prior to or upon arrival.

In some instances, the customer may choose to pay the remaining balance to SafariNow, in which case the same payment arrangement applies. Alternatively, you can opt to have the entire amount paid to SafariNow and the remitted to you, by requesting a 100% deposit.

If on-payment is taking longer than eight working days, it may be one of the following that is causing the delay:

1. To protect your business, all booking payments undergo a standard anti-fraud check in order to ensure that all monies paid are legitimate, which may take a bit of extra time.

2. We might not have your banking details yet, especially if this is the first booking you have received via SafariNow.

3. If you have a bank account outside of South Africa, or you quote in a currency other than ZAR, we may require you to submit an invoice before we can pay you, in order to comply with international banking regulations.

4. If the guest’s check-in date is before the 5 to 8 working day period, we will try to prioritise on-paying you this money; however, this is not always possible, especially on very short lead time bookings.

5. During times of high booking volume, we can process upward several hundred payments a day; as a result of this, sometimes we do get delayed in our on-payments.  Our payment timing usually returns to normal within a few days.

If you are still concerned about an outstanding payment, please get in touch with the Establishment Support Team on establishments@safarinow.com.