If you have quoted on a customer's enquiry, and you would like to follow up with them to find out whether they are still interested, you can send them a message directly on their enquiry; they will receive this message via email and/or sms. 

Follow these easy steps to send a customer a follow-up message:

1. Log into your SafariNow account, and click the Inbox tab on the menu bar.

2. Change the Filter drop-down menu to 'No Filter':

3. Click on the enquiry you want to follow up on, in order to open it. 

4. If you can see the option to 'Send a message to [Guest Name]', then the enquiry is still valid and active; click that option and a field will drop down, where you can message the customer and follow up with them regarding whether they are still interested in booking with you. Once you've added your message, remember to click 'Submit':

5. If you cannot see the option to 'Send a message to [Guest Name]', it means the enquiry has expired, and is no longer valid. The customer would need to re-enquire with you, or contact us to reactivate the enquiry. In this case, there is no further action needed from you, and you can assume that the customer is no longer interested in making the booking.