At SafariNow, we're always searching for ways to make quoting and getting more bookings even easier.

To help with this, we are now able to automatically generate a quote for any enquiries you receive, if your listing and the customer's enquiry meets certain criteria.

How does this work?


  • you regularly keep your seasons and rates up to date; and
  • you regularly update your calendar¬†to show your establishment's most up-to-date availability; and
  • a customer submits a quote and doesn't ask any questions (e.g. can we bring our pet with?),

then SafariNow will use your rates and availability, and automatically send a quote to the customer, and send you a notification that we have quoted on your behalf.

If the customer accepts the quote, you still have the final say on accepting or declining, or submitting an additional quote, if necessary.

If you're worried about losing the personal touch on these auto-quotes, don't worry! You can upload any regular message that you use onto your listing, and this message will automatically be added to all auto quotes that we send on your behalf. Read more on how to upload this default message.

If you would prefer us not to send these auto quotes on your behalf, you're welcome to let us know at, and we will deactivate this feature for you.

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