SafariNow places high importance on user experience. We have therefore put measures in place to ensure that we are only sending you enquiries that you are able to accept and potential guests are likely to book.

Your listing may be deactivated:

- If more than 20% of enquiries over a period of time go unanswered

- If more than 50% of enquiries over a period of time are responded to with “Unable to accommodate”

- If the conversion of quotations to bookings is significantly lower than site average

- If you have cancelled numerous bookings

- If you have evaded our system on numerous occasions

- If the average review score for your property is 2 stars or less

-If your calendar is fully blocked out for 3 months or more

How do I reactivate my listing?

Send an email to and we will get back to you.


How do I avoid being deactivated?

Visit the following Help Article which may be of assistance.