We like our customers to enjoy the best possible booking experience, so we assign better search engine rankings to establishments who deliver excellent service. Our rankings are generated automatically on a daily basis, taking into account the following elements:

1. Responding to enquiries from guests

  • By responding to each enquiry you receive (and keeping your average response time as low as possible), you increase the likelihood of the customer accepting your quote or receiving a follow-up enquiry.

2. Acceptance rate of enquiries

  • The rate at which you accept enquiries by providing a bookable quote is a strong indicator of a more positive experience for our customers.

3. Keeping your calendar up to date

  • Updating your calendar (s) for dates your establishment is not available reduces the likelihood of customers contacting you for dates when you cannot accommodate them.

4. Feedback from our customers about your establishment

  • Verified reviews by guests who have booked with your establishment are an important aid in a customer’s booking decision, both the quantity and quality.  We only allow verified travellers to post establishment reviews.  Any reviews are better than no reviews, so please encourage your guests to submit a review after their stay.

5. Accurate pricing

  • By quoting customers the same or better rates as what you have listed on SafariNow, you increase the likelihood of converting enquiries into bookings. Should you have any minimum night stay requirements, be sure to set this up on your rates page to avoid any uncessary enquiries. 

6. The rate at which customers book after contacting your establishment

  • If you’re finding that customers aren’t accepting your quotes, it might be time to revisit a few things on your listing. For example, consider whether your photos and descriptions are as appealing as possible, and provide enough information for a customer to make a commitment to book with you.  Try to ensure that the rate you are quoting the customer is the same amount as what is displayed on the listing.   As far as possible, all fees should be included in the display rate, to prevent quotes differing from customer expectations. 
7. Make sure you don't miss out on any search results 

  • Ensure all your features and facilities are selected as customers are able to filter their searches by their specific requirements. Also make sure you let potential customers know what your establishment is recommended for. Our special deals page is one of our most visited pages, to ensure that you gain this exposure in your area, simply add a special deal

8. Using real-time booking

  • SafariNow’s real-time calendar helps make the booking experience even smoother for you and our customers because it reduces the effort and time of confirming a booking.
  • If you have multiple rooms, and you have an account with Nightsbridge, eRes, HConnect or Siteminder, let us know and we can integrate your SafariNow account.