Adding a special to your SafariNow listing is one of the best ways to get extra eyes on your page! 

Fill up your rooms in those quieter seasons by offering a discount or freebie, or secure those peak season bookings far in advance by offering an early bird discount.

Adding a Special

1. Log into your SafariNow accountand click the Establishment tab on the menu bar. 

2. Click on the Specials tab in the left-hand menu.

3. Click on the Create Special button and follow the prompts.

  • Step 1: Name your special deal. 

            Tip: the name of your special must be at least five characters long.


  • Step 2: Choose the start date and end date that your special is applicable for.

  • Step 3: Set your minimum nights' stay requirement.

  • Step 4: Select which days of the week that your special is applicable for.


  • Step 5: Click the Next button.

  • Step 6: Select your Offer Type. Options include: percentage discount, amount discount, or stay for/pay for specials.

            Tip: if you're offering a percentage discount, the percentage must be between 1% and 75% to be valid.

            Tip: if you're offering a stay for/pay for special, the stay for night count must be higher than the pay for night count.

  • Step 7: Select the rooms that this special deal is applicable for.


  •  Step 8: Click the Save Special button.


Please note: your special may take up to a 24 hours to display on your listing.