If you are adding another establishment to your portfolio, and you would like to manage it from the same SafariNow account as your other property/ies, you can add that new property to your current SafariNow account by following these easy steps:

1. Log into your SafariNow account, and click on the establishment tab on the menu bar, then click 'All Establishments' on the left-hand menu. 

2. This page will show you all of the establishments you currently have listed on your SafariNow account, as well as their status (e.g. Live, Dormant), and the date that you added them.

3. In the 'New Establishment' field, add the name of the new establishment you would like to add to your account, then click 'Add New Establishment':

4. You will be taken to the Overview page of your new establishment listing, where you can start completing the content of your listing as necessary:

If you need any assistance with adding your new listing, please feel free to contact our New Listings Team at newlistings@safarinow.com.