Step 1:

After a customer selects your establishment from the listings results on our website, they are asked to send through an enquiry with their requested dates. You will be notified of this enquiry immediately via both SMS or email.

Step 2:

If you’re able to accommodate the customer over the dates provided, you can simply quote a price for those dates from your SafariNow account. You’ll also be able to include a personal message, or respond to any questions, should you wish to do so. Remember you can use your account at any point during the process to get in touch with customers.

Step 3:

Should the customer choose to accept the quote you’ve provided, they will then pay the minimum deposit amount directly to SafariNow in order to secure the booking. The required minimum deposit (usually either 50% or 100%) is entirely up to you. Once this amount has been paid, you’ll be instantly notified and asked to confirm the booking.

Step 4:

Once you’ve confirmed this booking, we’ll make sure to get the deposit amount, less our 15% referral fee (excluding VAT), paid to you within 5 to 8 working days. Should their still be a balance outstanding, it will then need to be settled directly by the client to you. If you are based outside of South Africa, payments might take a little bit longer, we will need your SWIFT banking details in order to send a cross border payment.

Step 5:

Upon your confirmation of the booking, the customer’s contact details will be sent to you – and yours to them – so that you’ll be able to correspond directly with them regarding any aspects of their upcoming stay. If you're receiving enquiries for dates that you are not available, please remember to update your calendar to show these dates as unavailable for guests.

If you'd like to fast track the booking process by accepting prepaid instant bookings, you can also try using our Instant Booking feature.