With your SafariNow account, managing your calendar is a piece of cake. All bookings made via your SafariNow account will be automatically marked on your calendar – all you need to fill in are your external bookings and blockout periods. To do this, simply follow the steps below. Remember, it’s important that you keep this up to date at all times so as to avoid irrelevant enquiries.

Blocking out my calendar

If you are linked to Nightsbridge you will not be able to edit you SafariNow calendar. You need to update your calendar on Nightsbridge.

1. Log into your SafariNow account, and click the Calendar tab on the menu bar.

2. Choose dates to block out, e.g. 11 to 14 July. Click and hold your mouse down on the first date and drag across to highlight all the dates you want to block. When you let go of the mouse, you will see that the dates have been added to the Manage Availability box on the right side of the calendar.

3. If the date range in the Manage Availability box is correct you can add a note for the dates you wish to block out; to block out the dates please make sure that the Unavailable tick box is ticked, then click on Save.

4. When the block out has been saved. It will show as a black block out on your calendar. The Note will appear under the dates. 

Modifying or removing a calendar blockout 

1. To modify or remove a blockout, select the dates which need to be made available and those dates will appear in the Manage Availability box.  You will then be able to modify the dates or select the Available tick box and click on Save.

If you need any assistance managing your calendar please contact us at establishments@safarinow.com.

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