As an establishment owner, or a managing agent, we understand that you’re busy, so we’re here to simplify the booking process between you and your potential guest.

While some owners enjoy interacting with potential guests prior to a booking, you may want to reduce irrelevant enquiries and only receive instant bookings.

We have several instant booking options available (our own calendar, Nightsbridge, SiteMinder, and eRes), each of which allow you to accept pre-paid bookings instantly, without having the back-and-forth of responding to enquiries.

By using instant booking on your listing(s), you can also help boost your conversion rate.

Important notes:

  • You can choose to keep both the request a quote option activated, together with your instant booking feature.

  • By activating one of these features on your listing, you will be receiving instant bookings based on your loaded rates and availability. Therefore, please ensure that this information is always up to date, either on SafariNow (if you're using our own instant booking feature), or on Nightsbridge, SiteMinder, or eRes.

You can activate your instant booking button by following the links above, or alternatively contacting our Establishment Support Team on who be delighted to assist.