If you’re signed up with HConnect, connecting your SafariNow listing to your HConnect account is simple; just email the following details along with a copy of the rates you would like us to display on our site to connect@safarinow.com, and we'll be able to link the two accounts.

  • OTA API URL (version 5)
  • Gateway URL
  • OTA Requestor ID
  • OTA Requestor Type
  • Real time 3D party code
  • Type of rates loaded (e.g. STO, BAR, Rack)
  • What percentage STO do we have?
  • Do rates include or exclude our commission, and if included, what is the percentage?
  • How much commission is included?
  • Do the rates include VAT?

If you are unsure of any of these details, please get in touch with us on connect@safarinow.com.