Log into the NightsBridge Owner's Login (WebView)

Click here for a tutorial explaining how to log into the NightsBridge Owner's Login (WebView).

Once logged in, click on "Web Info"

Click on "Web Info" again.

Click on "Click here to add/update your pictures & facilities @ Wetu".

Once you have done so, you will notice that you will automatically be taken to a new internet page.

To update the Room-Type photos Click on "Room Types"

The Room Types will be added automatically to Wetu according to what you have on NightsBridge

Click on "Add New Image"

Select the File that you saved the pictures in

To save time it is suggested to keep all the pictures in one file, to make it easier to find.

I saved mine in "Pictures", I will click on "Pictures"

Click on the Folder that you have saved the photos in.

I added my photos to the "Photos to upload" in my Pictures file.

Double Click on the Photo you will like to upload

Once you double click the Photo it will automatically start uploading to WETU.

Click on "Save" in the bottom left corner

Clicking on save in the bottom left corner, will save the changes specific to this room. If you click the save at the bottom of the page as you did with pictures it will save all changes you have made.

Once you see the "Your changes have been saved" at the top. The Photos have been updated.