Adding a weekend rate is useful to ensure potential customers know what price to expect if you charge a higher rate on weekends; here is an easy step-by-step account of how to add weekend rates.

PLEASE NOTE: if you are linked to a channel manager, you will not see the Seasons & Rates option on your listing. Your rates should be updated on your channel manager, and these will pull through to SafariNow automatically.

1. Log into your SafariNow account, and click the Establishment tab on the menu bar. 

2. Click Seasons & Rates on the left-hand menu.

3. Click the rate block that you would like to add a weekend rate to, e.g. 2018 Base Rate.

4. Check the box that says 'Do you charge different rates on weekends?'

5. You can now choose which nights your weekend rates cover, e.g. Friday, Saturday; Friday, Saturday and Sunday; or Saturday, Sunday. Choose the relevant option for your establishment.

6. You can now input your weekend rate as necessary:

Adding weekend rates when you have a per unit rateAdding weekend rates when you have a per person sharing rate

5. Once you have added all your weekend rate information, click the Save Rate button.

Deleting a Weekend Rate

To delete a weekend rate you have already added, click on the rate block so that it expands, then untick 'Do you charge different rates on weekends?' Your weekend rates will disappear, and no longer be shown to customers.

Please note: If you are linked to Nightsbridge or SiteMinder, there will be no Seasons and Rates tab in your Establishment Zone. We pull the rates and availability directly from Nightsbridge or SiteMinder. Should you need to make any changes to this information, please do so on Nightsbridge or SiteMinder and it will automatically update on our side.

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