In order to help our customers successfully navigate all the establishments on SafariNow, we make sure that each property is listed to its most specific, 'zoomed in', or 'granular' location. This means that we don't list any properties to, e.g. 'Cape Town'; instead, they would be listed to, for example, Fresnaye, which falls under Cape Town, which falls under Western Cape, and then South Africa:

We also don't list properties to tourism areas, such as 'Garden Route', 'Overberg', 'Sunshine Coast', 'Hibiscus Coast' as the main location, as these areas are generally very large and therefore not specific enough to properly inform potential customers about where your property is located.

The location of your listing is based on the street address that you provided when you first listed with SafariNow, e.g. 153 Main Road, Muizenberg, Cape Town, and the verification documentation you provided us (utility bill, electricity bill, etc.).

If you don't agree with where your establishment is located on SafariNow, please get in contact with our Establishment Support Team at, with the following supporting documentation:

  • A municipal bill (utility bill, electricity bill, etc.) which indicates the full address of the property. If you would like to change the granular location of your property on SafariNow, the address on the bill must feature the name of that location to serve as proof that the municipality accepts that your property is, in fact, located in that area.

  • A screenshot from Google Maps of where you believe your establishment should be located (and this must match the address on the municipal bill referred to above).

  • GPS co-ordinates indicating the position of your establishment (which must again match the address on the municipal bill referred to above).

Only if we receive the above supporting documentation will we be able to change your location; we are unfortunately not able to change the location of your property on SafariNow because you would prefer to be located in a more 'popular' area for more exposure.

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