If a client requests a quote without asking any questions, we may automatically send a quote on your behalf (based on the rates and availability you currently have loaded on your listing).

There is a standard message that is included in the quote, which you are now able to fully customise, following these easy steps:

1. Log into your SafariNow account, and click the Establishment tab on the menu bar, then click 'Booking Process' on the left-hand menu.

2. In the 'Auto quote message' field, you can input your own default message - just start typing in the field, and the grey text will disappear:


  • Please remember to keep your rates and availability up to date, so that we can send accurate quotes to customers.

  • If you want to have the customer's name automatically populated each time, type ##customername## in your default message (as shown in the example above).

  • If you would like to have your establishment name (as named on SafariNow) automatically populated each time, type ##spname## (as shown in the example above).