Our new and improved single-unit calendar can now be linked to all your booking calendars; you are now able to  manage your availability on the go from one calendar.

Import other calendars to your SafariNow calendar

Please note: we are not able to support all third party calendars. If you receive an error message when importing an iCal link, or your blockouts do not reflect after importing your calendar, it likely means that we are not able to support that calendar.

Third party calendars we do support include: Airbnb, Booking.com, Google calendar, and iCloud.

1. Log into your SafariNow account, and click the Calendar tab on the menu bar.

2. Go to the Link Your Calendar button on the top right-hand side of your calendar and click on the Link Calendar button on the drop-down box.

3. Information on how to find the Calendar Address (URL) for a particular website/calendar is available when you click on a specific name of the calendar.

4. Once the Calendar Address (URL) has been located, paste the URL in the box at the bottom then add a name of your calendar you have imported to be viewed on the SafariNow calendar. Complete the importing by clicking on Link Calendar.

5. Once the calendar has been imported, you will be able to view/edit the imported block outs on the SafariNow calendar.

6. To remove a calendar that has been linked to your SafariNow calnder, click on the Link Your Calendar drop-down box, next to the name of the calendar you would like to remove click on the Remove button. The imported calendar will then be removed from the SafariNow Calendar.

Exporting your SafariNow calendar

1. To export your calendar to another calendar, go to the Link Your Calendar drop down, then click on the Share Your SafariNow Calendar link. You will then be given the calendar URL which can be added to any other online calendar you may be using.

If you need any assistance managing your calendar please contact us at establishments@safarinow.com.